Jake and Taylor rendezvous in Nashville—but was it ex sex or postmortem wallowing? Macaulay Culkin parties with a porn star. Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged. Bill Clinton is Cameron and A-Rod's third wheel. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal reunited for an intimate dinner near Taylor's Nashville condo, but no word whether it was a falling-back-in-love dinner, or a detoxing-from-our-relationship dinner. Taylor strikes me as the kind of girl who insists on relationship portmortems to "learn from our mistakes" or "brainstorm words that rhyme with 'Gyllenhaal' for my sad break-up ballad about you." Chilling shawl? Will enthrall? Killing call! [People, image via INF]
  • To get over Mila Kunis, Macaulay Culkin partied with a porn star in Barcelona. Much more entertaining than Swiftenballs' strategy, albeit with a likelier cringe-in-retrospect quotient. [Superficial]
  • Most hated couple in America Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged. Quoth Jesse: "You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend." They plan to wed next month.

Apparently Sandra "knew it was coming, and she was ready." Maybe this explains that terrible hairdo she debuted at the Golden Globes. Blunt-cut bangs as a coping mechanism. [People, Radar, Popeater, image via Getty]

  • Bill Clinton was the third wheel on a date with Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez. Please submit your theory on what they talked about, in blank verse in the comments below. " [TMZ]
  • Now both Sister, Sister's are engaged: Tia Mowry is pregnant and engaged to her actor baby-daddy-to-be, and now Tamera Mowry is engaged to her Fox News reporter boyfriend. [People]
  • The Betty Ford Clinic employee who accused Lindsay Lohan of abusing her reportedly cut a $25,000 deal to refuse to testify against her, but Lindsay never come through on the cash, perhaps because Dawn Holland won't shut up with her interviews and leaking shit to the press. Or because Dawn's lawyer sucked, or Lindsay's lawyer sucked, or because it's illegal, hard to say. [Radar]
  • Jennifer Aniston is a boozehound, says the National Enquirer. She used to smoke weed to "take the edge off," but now she's sloshing non-stop. Chelsea Handler is her enabler. When she drinks, "she starts slurring, then she gets emotional and starts remiscing about losing Brad. And finally she ends up trashing Angelina." Well, they definitely nailed how I imagine Jen would be when she's drunk. Is it true, though? Does it matter? [Enquirer via Celebitchy]
  • American Idol failure Ashley Sullivan won $500 in a karaoke contest at the Applebee's in Springfield, Massachusetts. Most depressing almost-famous sentence of all time. [TMZ]