Young people! Are you in an exclusive relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend or "droog" or whatever? Ha, well, actually, you're probably not: According to a new study, 40 percent of young couples have differing opinions about their exclusivity.

And even the couples who both agree that they're exclusive are, apparently wrong, since 30 percent of those have cheated! The study, undertaken by researchers at Oregon State University, asked 434 couples between the ages of 18 and 25 about their relationships. The results were not particularly encouraging, for those thinking/hoping their relationships are monogamous:

Almost half of the couples, regardless of their marital status, disagreed as to whether or not they were seeing each other exclusively, even though they said they had discussed it. Married couples were no more likely than others to have an explicit monogamy agreement in place, and couples with children were even less likely to have an exclusivity agreement.

So, young people, you may want to go check up on your "trick" and make sure that person is not "sexting" another "snooki." Or whatever it is you say. Also, get an STI test. And a job, while you're at it! But really, get tested.

[LiveScience; image via ShutterStock]