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Looking to have a nice little cry? Not a sad one, but a sort of sweet, hopeful, lump-in-the-throat kind of deal? Meet nine-year-old Isaac Saldana, who, behind his mother's back, sold his toys to donate $2.85 to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Not that I cried about this story, or anything! It's just, well, this is what Saldana told the Huffington Post about hearing the news that Giffords had been shot: "I just thought, whoa! I didn't know that people carry around guns here in Tucson. It scared me a little." Figuring that he should contribute in some way, he gathered up a bunch of his toys—and a bracelet his Marine father had given him after a deployment—and sold them at school, for a grand total of $2.85.

He got in trouble, but his mom says that he'd already sent the money by the time she caught wind of his plan from school administrators. (No word on how Saldana sent it, or if he had adult help, but don't poke holes in my feel-good story, okay?) It arrived at Giffords' hotel room in an envelope with a get-well card. Her husband, Mark Kelly, says they'll "get him his lunch money back." But what about my hard-earned cynicism, Mark? Who will return that to me??

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