In the midst of NBC's Thursday comedy lineup exists a brand new comedy about three different couples and how they deal with friendships and romantic relationships. Unfortunately, both the show and the couples fell a little short of being faultless.

The three couple set up isn't exactly a brand new idea, with Modern Family being a prime example of how to pull it off right. Although there are a few funny bits spread throughout its 20 minute span, most of the characters seem to be mere caricatures instead of believable personalities.

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Let's meet the couples!

Rex and Leigh

Played by Hayes MacArthur and Olivia Munn, Rex and Leigh are that supposedly perfect couple that will royally piss off any other normal human being standing within ten feet of them. If it wasn't for the fact that Rex is Julia's brother I'm pretty sure that even she couldn't stand those two. Casted against her type, Olivia Munn makes an interesting, if insufferable, Leigh who married and then transformed the typical frat boy Rex into the shoulder slung sweater wearing yuppie that is is today.

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Vance and Amy

These two... well, it's complicated. They love each other, then they hate each other. Then, they have passionate makeout sessions/hate sex on the floor and on their friends couches. Lots and lots of sex. And then, they decided to get married. Vance (David Walton aka Dr. Rick from Fired Up) probably got voted "Most Likely to Not Grow Out of Being a Drama Queen" in high school. Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) may have secretly been "Most Sexually Active". Eh, maybe its not that complicated after all.

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Dave and Julia

Ah, the "normal" couple. So normal that they are kind of boring in how they're expected to deal with the insanity of their friends. Julia (Christine Woods) is the cool, calm, and collected one that just rolls with the punches, at least it all becomes too much and ruins their anniversary. Dave (Kyle Bornheimer), the typical everyman, just wants to have a drama-free day, but gets willingly dragged into his friends problems.

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For the most part, the women have got it together and the men are the overly emotional ones. A bit of a role reversal, but including everything else, not exactly a guaranteed winning formula.

So, is Perfect Couples a hit or a miss? There's not much to go on right now and the characters' interactions are certainly less than enthralling... I'd give them the benefit of the doubt for at least another couple of episodes, but I'm leaning for towards the latter.