In his infinite tactical genius, Michael plans sad and happy parties for himself depending on the state of Holly's relationship. He may jump the gun a bit, but this is valuable advice. Plan booze for the best and worst.

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It's so strange that Holly doesn't yet realize that literally the entire office is trying to help Michael get with her, but I guess the beauty is that she is as oblivious as Michael. A match made in heaven. This episode also featured, what seems to me at least, the further jockeying for future boss of the office. I guess if it's not going to be Ricky Gervais, even that would be awesome and everyone knows it, I'd like to have it be Dwight, just because that might keep the "crazy boss to less crazy employee" ratio at an even keel.

However, it seems like all this milquetoast "character building" they're doing for Darrell must be to some end, and my guess is he'll take over for Michael Scott when the time comes. I never used to be so bored/uninterested by Darrell, and he used to be funny maybe, but now it's just weird. In this episode, he betrays paper and buys an e-reader, then has fun with Dwight and Andy. Maybe I'm being too hard on him, and he is a wise straight man that can be employed to play the crazies (everyone but Jim and Pam) off of Jim and Pam (who are becoming more crazy). I guess we'll have to wait another half-season.

Oh, and also Pam made a new year's resolution chart, an idea that her character would know was pure stupidity from the first sprinkle of glitter. It made for a nice Michael meltdown scene forcing Kevin to eat broccoli, but was ham-fisted nonetheless.