The production company behind the TV series Bones has announced a biopic on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. It will be a thriller—a "suspenseful drama with a global impact". But who's going to play Julian Assange?

According to Variety, the screenplay will be based on The Most Dangerous Man in the World, an upcoming biography by Australian journalist Andrew Fowler. Here are our handicapped guesses for the role of Assange, the hacker-turned-global-provocateur:

  • British Comedian Chris Morris: 12-1. The genius behind the satirical British series Brass Eye and the new film Four Lions really, really looks like Assange.
  • Jesse Eisenberg: 8-1. Played one socially inept nerd, played them all.
  • John Malkovich: 6-1. Mystery writer Martin Cruz Smith pegged Malcovich for Assange last month in Newsweek because of his "icy cool."
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: 3-1. Leo has experience playing all sorts of foreigners. Assange's vaguely Australian accent should be a cinch.

Suggestions in the comments, please.