New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission has approved a new style guide for the city's cab drivers. So, what is acceptable attire and what isn't?

Well, cabbies can pretty much wear anything they want. That's right, no articles of clothing are banned, other than the ones that were already not allowed by TLC rules: tank tops, bathing suits, and "underwear as outerwear." (Thank God Madonna killed that trend in the '90s.)

One new rule requires drivers to maintain a "professional appearance." What does that mean? Do they have to wear ties? Are jeans allowed? Only on Fridays? Well, with a subjective rubric like that one, I'm going to start protesting a long list of unprofessional sartorial choices. I'm calling 311 on the first cabbie I catch wearing a flip-flop. The TLC commissioner said there won't be a "fashion police," but every uppity rider with a cell phone is going to start doing the policing for them.

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