Kim Kardashian wants to impart some serious life lessons to the young girls of America, because she's qualified to do so. Also today: Tom Brady needs surgery and Halle Berry really likes to yell a lot at her ex-boyfriend.

  • Reality entity Kim Kardashian has decided to become an advocate for young girls, going on her Geocities blog to tell teen ladies that being pregnant is not the cool thing to do. She was reacting to the news about the school in Tennessee where basically everyone's pregnant, and touched on the MTV show Teen Mom. "[T]hese are not people you should idolize!" she said, and she is right. They are not. Who you should idolize are flatly untalented people who get famous because they taped themselves fucking some guy on camera and then released the tape in the hopes of getting famous and then demanded a reality television crew and now walk around making coy remarks about their butt and generally being the butt (heh) of everyone's joke when they're talking about the nadir of Hollywood and fame. That is who girls should be idolizing! For sure! Thanks, Kim. You're terrific. [Us]
  • Awww. Calvin Klein, a 68-year-old-man, is planning a 21st birthday party. Oh, for his kid? For his grandkid? Ha, no, no. For the 20-year-old porntwink he's sleeping with. Adorbs, guys!!! Yeah, little Nicky Gruber will legally be allowed to drink now, so friends are gathering at Indochine tomorrow at 9pm. And by "friends" I mean a bunch of old people that Calvin is friends with and maybe one play date for Nick, some other kid that one of Calvin's friends is having "no... just dance" creepy sex with. Isn't aging with money wonnnnnderfullll?? [P6]
  • Hahaha. The people from Sister Wives, the TLC show about beautiful and attractive polygamists, have moved to Las Vegas! Yeah they got a condo or something. And do you know how long it took them to get from Utah to LV, which is not far? 30 hours! Yeah, apparently they had eight blown tires. Haaa. Only with the Sister Wives would that happen. "Man oh man. Eight blown tires, little Johnny got cholera, we tried to ford the river and Beth drowned, Timmy got a snake bite, and we shot all that buffalo but were only able to carry a hundred pounds back to the car." That's just how it goes when you're living the principle. [TMZ]
  • Hm. So the singer Ke$ha has always said that she doesn't know who her dad is and is cool with that fact. "Whatever, rock 'n' roll!!!" or something. Well now some dude is giving magazine interviews saying that not only is he Ke$ha's dad, but that she was in contact with him up until the time she was 19 years old. So, OK, I'm not going to spend much time speculating about why she would lie about her dad being a mystery — maybe he's an abusive jerk, maybe she wanted to seem more mysterious, who knows — but what I do know is that a man talking to Star Magazine about how he is the singer Ke$ha's scorned dad had better be the saddest thing I read today. It really better be. [Star]
  • Football sexhunk Tom Brady is undergoing foot surgery. Can he also please undergo hair surgery? Tommy, I know Giselle likes it, but damn. Just damn. [People]
  • A member of the group O-Town, the TV show-manufactured boy band memorable for such hits as "Who?" and "What are you?", is saying that it really hurt that Ashely Parker Angel, the band's lead cutie, said no to an upcoming reunion tour. The member in question? Erik-Michael Estrada. Haha, remember him?? Remember all the jokes about a guy named Erik Estrada being in O-Town? Ohh memories. Anyway, poor Erik Estrada is upset that Ashley Angel said no to the sure-to-be-a-complete-waste-of-time reunion tour. (How do you have a reunion tour when you maybe, maybe, had two "hit" songs? Mystifying.) Poor Erik Estrada. Someone get him some chips. [TMZ]
  • Oscar winner Halle Berry is having some gentleman trouble. Specifically, she is screaming a lot at her ex, Gabriel Aubrey. Like a lot. A source says "Basically whenever Gabriel doesn't do exactly what Halle tells him to do, or if he does something she doesn't approve of or like, she goes crazy on him, screaming and shouting." Yiiikes. What does she shout, I wonder? My guess is it's something like "You just make me feel bad. Make me feel bad... I don't wanna feel bad... You just make me feel bad..." while she's writhing naked on the floor. Something like that! [Radar]
  • Cameron Diaz thinks she might have bought weed from Snoop Dogg once when they were in high school together. Interesting. If we're having an early/mid-'90s music flashback, I hope some celebrity comes forward and says "Yeah, I bought heroin from a teenage Kurt Cobain" and then someone else says "Yeah, I bought underpants from Mark Wahlberg." Let's hope. [TV Squad]

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