It's time for the ever-popular "restaurant wars" episode—this time featuring all-star combatants! These are the best kind of "star wars"—the ones with no Jar Jar Binks! Why not join us as we live blog them in the comments?

Here's all you need to do participate: First, turn on your TV and tune it Bravo. Then, when tonight's episode of Top Chef starts (at 10 pm Eastern), join the rest of us as we all post a running commentary on the show in the comments section below this post. All you need is a keyboard at your fingertips and your light-saber-like wit!

There was lots of wit on display during last week's live blog—for a sampling, check out my favorite comments from last week. There were also several moments that elicited strong opinions from the commenting crew—both positive and negative. Things we really liked included Tre's description of Marcel as "kind of an asshole," Dale comparing Angelo to a mermaid, Fabio referring to the elimination challenge site "Water Taxi Bitch" and Carla winning again (hootie hoo!). Things we disliked included the snotty kid in the Toyota Highlander commercial, Dale's revelation that he took anger management classes (bring back angry Dale!), the nonexistent quickfire challenge and drunk Marcel's faux-rapper mannerisms—which commenter TheAmazingLawyerChef likened to a "macho chicken dance."

In addition to expressing strong opinions (and drinking), live-bloggers also coined a few memorable new terms. For example, commenter HellsMells described the budding "bromance" between Fabio and Richard as "Fab-u-blais"—and also described the double-elimination of both of this season's lesbian chefs as a "lesbilimination." We'll be able to publish our own Top Chef dictionary if this keeps up!

Speaking of keeping up, here's a little info to help you keep up with events on the upcoming episode during tonight's live blog:

  • Each of the two "restaurant wars" teams will have to create what the episode description calls a "one night only" eatery—and ever since I read that phrase, I've had that Dreamgirls song stuck in my head. And now you do, too, I'll bet!
  • Dale will be so nasty to his team's servers that Fabio will have to intervene and tell him to "be nice." So it looks like that anger management course Dale took didn't include lessons in "how not to be a dick."
  • We'll see a patron of one restaurant say, "it's not appealing to eat food that doesn't look like it's cooked." Unless that restaurant is a sushi one, it looks like at least one team will be in for some trouble tonight.

OK, storm troopers, it's about time to get this live-blogging mission started. I'll see you down in the comments!

[Image via San Diego Shooter's Flickr]