The Way We Live Now: grumbling unnecessarily over pennies. It's just human nature. It matters not how righteous the cause may be; it matters only that the cause will cost us money, which is unacceptable. Do farmworkers need another penny?

Well well well, after years of struggle, Florida farmworkers have finally won an extra penny a pound for the tomatoes they pick. Which could add up to a few thousand sweat-drenched dollars per year for these laborers. Is that it? All this for a few thousand bucks? And on top of that it might make the price of a Burger King Whopper go up?

Why even bother?

It just steams us up when people like these farmworkers only think of themselves and not others. Sure it means something extra for these Mexican people in Florida who I'll never meet—but at the cost of possibly upwards of 70 cents per year extra that I'll be paying for Nachos BellGrandes. And that's the tragedy right there, the selfishness of others. It's like, hey farmworkers, learn a lesson from the United States of America: when we want someone to do something, we earn it from them fair and square with a combination of threats and shameful gladhanding. We don't go up and mug them for it with a gun made of conscience.

That's just low down and dirty. Someone teach those farmworkers a little about how capitalism works, will you? It's as if they never took Econ 103 in a Tier One university. Hey farmworkers, learn something from the Swiss watchmakers: when they want more money, they stand the fuck up and declare, "Hey fuckers, guess what? We're raising our fucking prices, because we need more money. You're rich and so are we, so shut the fuck up."

That's how it's done. None of this "social justice campaign" shit. Good lord. America is cool except for the greedy people, HINT HINT (farmworkers).

[Photo: CIW]