Sen. Joe Lieberman actually went through with his retirement announcement! Who knew it would ever be this easy to get rid of him? Thanks, Joe! Let's check out what he said at today's grand press conference.

Lieberman gathered reporters in Stamford, Connecticut to announce that he won't run for reelection in 2012, since he'd lose. (He will serve the remainder of his term, though.) A dozen or so of his 10 million family members joined him onstage. The "Joementum" in the room was palpable. He was telling jokes! One joke was about Regis Philbin, another retiring old person whom Lieberman will stalk now:

Introduced by his wife, Hadassah, as "Joey," Mr. Lieberman joked that he once promised her "that when Regis leaves television, I'll leave the Senate," referring to the television personality Regis Philbin, a fellow Connecticut resident, who has announced his own retirement. "And here we are. Maybe he and I will be hanging out together a little more."

Watch out, Regis: He's serious. Run.

What else? Oh yes: the always modest four-term senator compared himself to John F. Kennedy:

Mr. Lieberman became an independent after numerous breaks with the Democratic Party. Still, he spoke of being inspired to pursue public service by President John F. Kennedy, and said that Kennedy's principles - "service to country, support of civil rights and social justice, pro-growth economic and tax policies, and a strong national defense - are still my politics."

He added, "So maybe that means J.F.K. wouldn't fit neatly into any of today's partisan political boxes either."

Only two more years!