Heavily accented internet mogul Arianna Huffington is, at last, speaking out on the wanton airplane Blackberry incident that had police questioning her earlier this month. To her credit, she's contrite. She's also disingenuous.

Guest of a Guest found Arianna at a party at Le Cirque last night and teased out the following admission from her: "there's no excuse...It's like, we all have reasons to be online, whether it's work or personal. There's not an excuse."

Admirable! But she also says, "It was all blown-up beyond all proportion." This is true. But why is it true, Arianna? Because even after we'd already heard the entire story from a passenger on the plane, you had your own PR man blow it off with a snide quote (not to us, though—he's not allowed to speak to us), and then ordered your minions to quash any discussion of the incident on your own site.

We are no professional public relations consultants, but maybe if you'd just sent us that same contrite quote on day one, then all of News Corp's media outlets wouldn't have spent an extra week chasing the story. Regardless, we salute your forthright apology. May we all fly calmly in the future.

[Guest of a Guest]