Just every once in a while! Rather than playing cartoonish Indians from old Western serials. Also today: Clint Eastwood continues to cast his J. Edgar Hoover movie, a terrible show gets renewed, and old people get a second chance.

Johnny Depp has confirmed that he still plans on playing Tonto in a Lone Ranger movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Pirates of the Caribbean's Gore Verbinski. Depp says of the script "What we've got so far screenplay-wise is really great, really funny." Aha. "Funny." So it's going to be one of those. You know, one of those movies made from old TV shows that are "funny." So, great. Oh Johnny. Why can't you just do a normal picture for once? It wasn't the best movie, but wasn't it so nice to see Johnny Depp in Public Enemies, playing a real human being? Just so refreshing. More of that, please. Way less of Tonto. [EW]

Touring-company version of Matthew McConaughey Josh Lucas has been tapped to play Charles Lindbergh in Clint Eastwood's big J. Edgar Hoover biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Actually, you know what? I think at this point Matthew McConaughey is the touring-company version of Josh Lucas. Maybe that's always been the case, actually, we just got a little confused by Sweet Home Alabama. Anyway, let's hope there's a big musical number where he teaches us how to do the Lindy Hop. [Deadline]

Set your pacemakers to fun! Summit Entertainment, the film studio gifted with commercial success after signing a terrible bloodpact with Stephenie Meyer, has decided to go ahead and make a sequel to RED, their sleeper hit action movie about old people shooting guns. Too bad the whole cast will be dead before they can film! Because of their oldness! No, I kid. I haven't seen the original jam, but I really want to. I mean, Helen Mirren with a machine gun! Plus, Mary Louise Parker. You just can't go wrong with that, I don't think. (I mean, of course you can, of course of course of course, but it doesn't sound like they went completely wrong this time.) [THR]

Oho. Someone's getting a little sure of himself in old Tinseltown. Zachary Levi, who plays Chuck on NBC's The Chuck, a show about Chuck, has left his agent. Well, OK, so his agent left ICM to go to CAA and her clients all went with her, except Zach Levi. Who knows why! Though I suspect it's because he was in the Tangled movie that did well and he's been directing episodes of The Chuck and that's going well too (is it?) so, y'know, he's got to make big decisions these days and maybe something a little more big-time sounded more appealing. He's going to have six agents now! For directing and acting, on TV and in film. Whoo boy. I mean, you know how that goes. We all know how that goes. All of us with our six agents. [Deadline]

The BAFTA Awards nominations have come out, and as expected The King's Speech hauled in a kingly sum of nods. There were some surprises in the acting categories at least, with the little girl from True Grit getting pushed up into the leading category, Barbara Hershey sneaking in past Mila Kunis, and the late great Pete Postlethwaite getting a nod for The Town. Chip chip, cheerio old Brits! [The Wrap]

Oh dear god. Back in the United States of Stinkfucknia, The A-List, Logo's gay Housewives show basically, has been renewed for a second murderbrained season. Good job, everyone. Reichen Lemurkool or whatever his name is now one step closer to being an actual celebrity. I'm tired. Goodbye. [PRNW]