It wasn't easy convincing the network bigwigs that Star Trek was a sure thing but Roddenberry was on a mission. Here Shatner talks about how the show moved on from its rough start to become a vehicle for social commentary.

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The Pioneers Of Television kicks off its second season with an episode on science fiction tonight. Hear stories from the people who helped create this legendary genre of television. From Leonard Nimoy perfecting Spock's tone of voice to Bill Mumy of Lost in Space remembering his guest role on The Twilight Zone, you'll hear amazing tales about the hard work that went into making outer space come alive. Find out what led to a falling out between Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury and what legendary figure convinced Nichelle Nichols to continue her role as Uhura. Even if science fiction isn't your favorite, hearing the people who were there talk about how it made as much of an impact on their lives as it has on ours is truly inspiring. It's obvious that television wouldn't be the same without Roddenberry's push for social change, the fantastical yet kitschy monsters on Lost In Space, or Rod Serling's amazing ability to take you to another dimension.

The Pioneers Of Television airs tonight on PBS at 8:00pm ET/PT.