Here's a new full-length trailer for Scream 4, the somewhat gratuitously unnecessary fourquel (retch) in the reference-heavy horror series. The surviving originals are all back, plus a cast of youngs and a whole new set of scary movies to ape.

Supposedly the movie addresses the recent glut of Saw-type brutality fests, along with the homemade stylings of handycam movies like Paranormal Activity. So we get a whole new class of kids to explain all these new tropes to us while the olds creak on the periphery trying to figure it all out. The good news? It looks like Hayden Panetierre just might get it. The bad news? So might snide little whippet Adam Brody. Will Neve Campbell die, or Courteney Cox? Supposedly the rules say they can. But then what would happen to Scream 5?

Sadly, after seeing this trailer, I'm a little less excited for this movie. Still, will probably see it in the theater.