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Scientist Sook Shin had two years of prostate cancer research on her laptop when she and her husband stopped at a local Panera for dinner in Oklahoma City. The computer was stolen, and now prostate cancer will never be cured.

From News 9:

Shin said that computer has the power to save millions of lives, but she's afraid whoever took it will wipe its memory and sell it. Unfortunately, the couple didn't record the computer's serial number. Police said that makes finding it nearly impossible.

The couple has posted a flyer in metro pawn shops hoping someone can help in time.

Sook Shin and her husband are offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of the 13-inch white Macbook that was in a dark orange laptop case with no questions asked.

What would it take for some people to back up their computers? All I have are MP3s and half-finished short stories from our undergraduate creative writing class, but I still throw it on an external hard drive every few months. This woman might have had the cure for cancer.

If anyone sees shady-looking figures applying for prostate cancer research grants, maybe you should give the Oklahoma City PD a call.