Bjorn van der Horst is a famous British chef who once co-owned a restaurant with Gordon Ramsay. But he's also been stiffing his ex-wife on child support. Now, he's sitting in a New York jail for it.

Van der Horst was just about to get on a London-bound plane at JFK airport Wednesday when he was arrested, according to the NY Post. Now he's had to surrender his passport and he's sitting in The Tombs until his hearing next week. Said his ex-wife's lawyer, "I'm sure he was expecting to take a cross-Atlantic flight, not sit incarcerated."

Haha I expect that statement is factually true, yes! Van der Horst reportedly owes $93k [$98K, we're told] in back child support, which he can surely afford. The ex-wife in question is Yael Bizouati, a financial journalist. Not a profession that takes kindly to being stiffed.

[NYP. Photo: eatingeast]