German sculptor Marcel Walldorf asked himself how female police officers relieve themselves while on duty. His artistic interpretation, "Petra," depicts a policewoman in full riot gear squatting and peeing. Some German cops aren't very happy about it.

The 27-year-old Walldorf completed Petra a year ago, but since it has been on display at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, the sculpture has attracted condemnations from the interior minister of Saxony, who called it "an insult to police officers," as well as the police union. Petra's silicone and metal butt is visible, and the sculpture squats over a puddle of gelatin pee. The Academy of Fine Arts told the AFP that while there have been some written complaints, the response from the general public has been "overwhelmingly positive." Here's what Walldorf told Der Spiegel about his inspiration for the work, via the not-so-good Google Translate:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Have you observed this situation for once?

Walldorf: This is what I have not seen it, but wanted to see it. I've seen in demos policemen who stood in their equipment and urinated. Then I asked myself: How do the women really?

Fine art is born of curiosity.

[Via AFP; Image via AP]