To celebrate being released from a mental hospital, Gucci Mane got a giant face tattoo of a three-scoop ice cream cone with lightning bolts shooting out of it and the word "Brrr." But why?

To be clear, the above sentence is not parody: Gucci Mane had himself declared mentally incompetent after being arrested driving on the wrong side of the road. He went to the loony bin, then got out, and he'll be back in court at the end of January. He has yet to explain the tattoo, which an employee at the tattoo parlor announced on Twitter. Here are our theories:

  • 1. He would like to be declared crazy again.
  • 2. He wandered by a fairground and found himself strangely jealous of the children with kittens and butterflies painted on their cheeks.
  • 3. He's styling himself as the softer, sweeter version of Ice Cube. (Apparently lyrics in "So Icy" and his version of "C.R.E.A.M." might actually support this theory.)
  • 4. He likes it when you lick his face.
  • 5. He is coming to terms with a rare birth defect that gave him a three testicles. The three scoops represent his testes; the cone, his striated penis; "Brrr" a metaphor for the chilling loneliness his self-consciousness creates.
  • 6. It's cool.

And, you know, why not? Face tattoos are always so serious. Maybe we should all tattoo our funniest punchlines on our faces. [@MRPRCNG, MTV]

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