Today is Day Two of the burgeoning rap career of Tom Hanks' son Chet, a.k.a. CHET HAZE. You thought he was all about getting high at Northwestern University? Wrong! He's also about getting high in the fancier parts of L.A.

Allow us to remind you (as if you didn't know) that Chet's bio states he was "Born and raised on the West Side of the Westside's main city LA." Any more west than that and he would be floating on a garbage barge off the coast! So it's only fitting that his new single is called "West Side LA." Produced (we're guessing) by DJ Quik on an off day, it features Chet expounding on his West-based activities, in a style familiar to anyone who's ever heard a mediocre L.A. rapper who listened to lots of Dr. Dre and Warren G while they were in high school: "Raised in Santa Monica/ Pacific Palisades/ On the west side of town/ That's where they know me round/ That's where we smoke trees and breezies get down." Drop that hook!

"It don't matter where you from, it don't matter where you going/ It don't matter if you flying coach, or riding Boeing." Some might beg to differ, but Chet is sticking with what he knows. "Stacking dollar bills to the height of Patrick Ewing." It's what he knows! At least he's not fronting, except when he purports to be a good rapper.

And Chet is already learning about the perilous politics that go along with being an icon:

The aspiring star says his favorite Evanston restaurant is Buffalo Joe's ... that is, until his manager shoots him a questioning look.

Hanks quickly changes his pick to Trattoria Demi.

Dog, remember when we could just admit to liking Buffalo Joe's without the media making a bunch of drama about it? Times have changed.


Tom Hanks' Son Is a Frat Boy Rapper

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