Martha Stewart has a human skull in her kitchen. No, really! Watch this video. And then ask yourself: Why? And: Is it real? And: If it is real, whose skull is it? Update: Mystery solved!

Here's a screencaps of the unidentified braincase, which appears to be resting on a kitchen scale as a kind of Southampton memento mori and/or battle trophy and was first noted by Phil Nobile Jr. of (And no, before you ask, this isn't a Halloween episode. It's about kitchen design! Nobile watched the whole thing, and Martha didn't mention the skull once.)

[L-R: Martha Stewart, a goddamn human skull]

(There are more screencaps at Badass Digest)

As for why? Well, who knows what lurks in the heart of Martha Stewart. Ceremonial chalice? Talking undead oracle? My guess? It's a warning. Mess with Martha Stewart, that skull says, and you will end up a decorative accent on her fucking kitchen counter.

Update: We received a very nice email explaining the situation:

Just read your post on TMSS and the skull in the background of her set. Wanted to let you know that the show airing yesterday actually was a repeat given production was put on hold due to the snowstorm in NYC and we did not air a live show. The show that aired was a repeat which was actually originally taped on October 6th, so the skull was part of our pre-Halloween decorating décor. Just wanted to clear that mystery up!

[Badass Digest via MetaFilter]