Mt. Etna's been busy! The largest active volcano in Europe erupted on Wednesday night, sending lava down its ridge. The eruption only lasted an hour, and didn't pose a threat, but boy did it make for some pretty visuals.

Here's video:

I don't think I'd ever actually want to live near a gaping, fire-spewing earth-hole. But small non-dangerous eruptions like this can be so nice, can't they? Certainly a better way to light up the sky than, I don't know, Times Square. Like, what if this was the view from your living room? It is for one photographer:

via Ivan Iraci's Flickr

Here's some more pictures and video, gathered from Twitter and Flickr.

via ACC_

via Mario_C_

via gnuckx's Flickr

via gnuckx's Flickr

[BNO News; Top image via via Emilio Pavia]