The Social Network can get all the Oscar buzz it wants, but Bosnia will still hate it. Apparently the entire country of Bosnia is pissed because of a line in the film that suggests Bosnia's a lame nowheresville.

From All Facebook:

Do you remember the line from The Social Network that went, "Bosnia, they don't have roads, but they have Facebook?" Neither did we. But that offhanded remark has angered all of Bosnia.

Bosnians have started numerous forum threads and discussions focusing on that line in The Social Network. People in that part of the world apparently have a hard time telling whether the remark was intended as an insult to the country, despite admitting that there's some truth in the statement.

A YouTube comment on the Bosnia clip—presumably from a Bosnian!—bears this out:


WOULD YOU LIKE TO S**K MY D1Ck you sweet litlle pussy ? -.- !!

Come on, Bosnia; The Social Network put you on the map! Maybe you can get a bit part being insulted in David Fincher's next film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.