Richard Elwood Sanden was having sex with a lady when he realized she wasn't breathing. He called the cops, who—after reviewing the contents of Sanden's video camera—arrested him for necrophilia. His excuse: He didn't know she was dead.

But wait, the story might be even creepier (betcha didn't think that was possible) because Sanden met the dead lady on a phone dating chat lines, and he has an unusual track record with women he dates and chats with:

Sanden was interviewed again on Sunday and asked about previous sexual assault charges against him. The charges, made by an ex-girlfriend, were later dropped, he told investigators.

Other videotapes were found at the scene, investigators said, and when confronted, Sanden said they were of other women he met on the phone dateline.

Eeshies. I never thought I'd pray for a man to be the world's worst lover, but here I am, with my fingers crossed that this guy is the least responsive sexual partner on the planet. Bad sex: In context, it is sometimes not the worst. [Washington Times-Herald, WTOL via Fark]