Click to viewPerhaps you've heard of "Phoenix Jones," the "superhero" who patrols the streets of Seattle in a mask and cape, armed with only his wits and a stun gun? Yeah, he got his nose broken by two actual criminals.

Jones, who was the subject of a bunch of articles and news reports about a month ago, is a weird dude who walks around Seattle in a costume and sneakers, apparently "trying to stop crime." He did not do so well with this particular crime, however:

"They were all swearing at each other and like about to fight," Phoenix said. So he stepped in to break up the brawl and one of the guys turned on him.

"He starts swinging on me and starts an altercation with me."

Phoenix said he called 911, put one of the men in a headlock and waited for police. But seconds later, Phoenix said, another man pulled out a gun.

When he let go of the man he was holding, the man kicked Phoenix in the face, breaking his nose. Both men got away.

What a surprise, that a goofy guy in a mask got his ass kicked! The police are less amused. "Don't insert yourself into these situations," a police department spokesman says. "If you see something, call 911."