What's the most efficient way to dislodge a bullet stuck in your head? By sneezing it out, of course! Which is exactly what one Italian man did over New Year's.

Naples has—in the words of The Guardian—a "famously rambunctious" New Year's Eve celebration. Which is a cute way of saying that there are dudes out there in the street just firing guns. Poor 28-year-old Turin native Darco Sangermano learned this the hard way when a bullet from one of those guns hit him in the side of the head, behind his eye.

Sangermano survived and went to the hospital, but the bullet was lodged in his nasal passage. Luckily, when God intelligently designed human beings, he knew this would happen! So he gave us the ability to sneeze. Sangermano did so, in the waiting room of the hospital, "propelling the bullet out through his right nostril." He won't even lose sight in his eye! So remember: If you get shot in the head, sneeze.

[Guardian; image via Shutterstock]