Today we learned that most Americans don't blame violent rhetoric or guns for what happened in Tuscon. This is very confusing! Very confusing especially for one commenter, who raised an interesting question.

From AndPreciousLittleOfThat:

What's really bugging me, and I only crystallized this by reading some of the comments below, is the incredible, infantile double standard to which our two political parties are held.

A fake pimp tapes a couple of ACORN employees getting duped into making vaguely incriminating statements on video. The swift and immediate condemnation from the right leads, surprisingly at the time, to swift defunding of that organization, despite its long and generally unquestioned good relationship with the federal government.

A guy with a gun he bought not two months ago, along with a clip which would not have been available had Congress gotten off its ass and extended the Assault Weapons Ban, KILLS SIX PEOPLE, including, as has been stated elsewhere, a child and a Federal judge and a Congressional aide.

Those same people, who moved like buttered lightning to yank ACORN funding, won't even entertain the briefest possibility of thinking about maybe eventually, after consideration, applying the slightest restriction to the availability of guns.

They flop around like children who don't want to clean their room. They've gotten very good at looking the world in the eye while they're doing it, too. NO, no way is there even an inch of room to think about gun restriction.

A fake pimp is more likely to change the course of our social and political discourse than a guy with a gun so new it's still got the shine on it, and a giant clip sticking out the bottom like in a Rambo movie.

If anybody has a credible explanation for why that's the case, please

Well? Anyone?