A Kansas City woman was arrested last night when police arrived at her home and found her husband shot in the genitals. One of two things must have happened, but both scenarios are pretty atrocious.

A witness says she heard the couple arguing before the wife said, "If you don't give me my card, I will shoot you." Then there was a shot and the witness called the cops. This is the worst thing you can do to a man, clearly. When the police showed up, the woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, so it appears the cops are going with the witness' version of the story.

The victim's retelling of the incident is that he was showing his wife how to use his gun and how to turn off the safety when the gun accidentally off and the bullet hit him in the junk. That's probably the second-worst thing you can do to a man: mishandle his gun.

No matter what happened, the woman is in jail and her husband's condition hasn't be released. But we're guessing it's somewhere in the "fate worse than death" territory.