Here's a new trailer for Priest, a post-apocalyptic vampire thriller in which priests are the protectors of humanity. So it's very unlike the apocalyptic demon thriller in which an angel is the protector of humanity that Bettany was recently in.

Look, I don't judge anyone for liking money. I am paid literally tens of dollars every year to do a job, same as you probably are, and the more money I make, the better I feel about certain things. So I'm not saying that Paul Bettany is a crazy person for doing all of these very bad movies (though I've not yet seen Priest, I have seen Legion, and it is indeed very, very bad), I'm just saying that the guy clearly likes buying summer houses or speedboats or private schools or whatever it is he's buying with this money. That's all.

Anyway, this movie also stars the acting geniuses Maggie Q. and kitten who's been working out a lot Cam Gigandet, and some weirdo no one's ever heard of named Christopher Plummer. Plus, Karl Urban from Star's Treks and a series of funny hats.

If any of that is a reason for you to go see this movie, then I give you my blessing. God knows I'm going to.