Well, if you're applying to Princeton at least. Also today: Fox's dinosaur show has its launch date, two old friends return to Middle Earth, '90s actors are making good, and a new ABC show sounds bitchy.

Oh I like this. Tina Fey and Paul Weitz (About a Boy, and, yes, Cirque du Freak, which is seriously one of the strangest movies I've ever seen, who was that made for exactly? My best guess is it was made for the precogs from Minority Report and only for them. They loved it I bet! "Good movie. Future. Milkbath." - the precogs) are possibly teaming up to make a movie version of Admission, the well-received novel about a Princeton admissions officer. Interesting subject, could be good in the smart hands of Fey, etc. I like this. I do. [EW]

Fox has announced a premiere date for their long-delayed, much beleaguered sci-fi series Terra Nova, a show about people who travel back in time to resettle the Earth but of course have to deal with annoying dinosaurs who are always like "Chomp chomp, we're eating you, like we did back when our friend Noah was here with his stupid catamaran." Like how they're always like that. Yeah, so, it's going to have a big two-part premiere on Monday, May 23 and Tuesday, May 24. Are you so excited? Here is something to get you even more excited. You know who is on this show? Ha ha, no, not Larry King. Different kind of dinosaur! No, the exciting person on this show is... Landon Liboiron! You know, one of the late-seasoners on Degrassi: The Next Generation? This tiddlywink? Yeah, that silly fucker somehow made it out of Canada and onto a real TV show. Funny when they do that. I wonder if he, Shenae Grimes, and Nina Dobrev ever get together and have "Nyah nyah" parties held in Spinner's (dis)honor. [THR]

Ooohh. Here is some juicy casting news, straight outta 1995. Johnny Galecki, Darlene's boyfriend on Roseanne (and, I guess, on something called How I Met Your Big Bang and a Half Men or whatever) and Brian Austin Green, Donna's lascivious Ariel-humping boyfriend on 90210, have both landed new TV roles! Galecki will take some time from fucking Barney while Jon Cryer watches or whatever he's doing over there on CBS to head over to HBO and film a recurring role on the next and blessedly final season of Entourage. He'll play an amped-up version of himself who goes after E's fiance, the dynamically layered and interesting character Sloane. Meanwhile, BAG has been confirmed as one of the stars on TBS's wedding band comedy The Wedding Singer Wedding Band. He'll play a "perennial bachelor," meaning every April or so he crawls up out of the dirt in the garden and my mom says "Oh look, isn't the Brian Austin Green nice this year?" [Deadline]

ABC has picked up a new pilot called Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, a comedy about a bitch who lives in an apartment. I mean, there's more to it than that, slightly more, but do you really care? I certainly don't. "What's going on on that show?" "Uhh, there's this bitch? And she lives in an apartment, basically." "Sounds good." "Yeah, I dunno. Ohh, Degrassi's on." [EW]

So, a couple of months ago we found out that they, big shadowy Hollywood "they," were planning on remaking Total Recall. And we, or I at least, got very upset. Because Total Recall is one of the best, most splendidly out-there action movies of all time. I believe the film's formal title is Total Recall: The Legend of Three-Tits. So why remake it? Why modern it up with all that CGI 3D garbage? Well, turns out, the remake might not be as bad as it once sounded. The producer of the film says that Colin Farrell, a very good actor who has reinvented himself after an early brush with obnoxious fame, will star, and that there will be no space, no getting of one's ass to Mars, and that it will be less rock 'em sock 'em. So basically it's just going to be another interpretation of the Phillip K. Dick source material with the same name as the old, wonderful movie. That's fine. I have no problem with that. Carry on, everyone. [Collider]

Ian McKellan and Andy Serkis will reprise their Lord of the Rings roles in the upcoming The Hobbit movie. Unfortunately Legolas is busy with me and can't make it to the filming. Real busy. [EW]