F. Lee Bailey—remember him? O.J. Simpson's defense attorney, yea! Well, big news: he says he has evidence that O.J. was innocent all along. He just didn't bring it out at the trial because it was too long.

But now F. Lee Bailey has published his 20,000-word explanation on the internet! (He's not looking for a book deal, he says, but he wouldn't turn one down.)

In the document, Bailey said the defense team was prepared to call four people who never testified - a forensic scientist, an expert on battered women, a blood expert and the person whose possible testimony he says is the most important of the four: a man who might have seen the killers.

That witness, he wrote, saw a woman the night of the murders matching Nicole Simpson's description in an apparent confrontation with two men, neither of whom was O.J. Simpson. Upon hearing of the murders the next day, the witness recalled what he saw on a tape recording and wrote a detailed description and sketch of his observations.

A witness! So why didn't they call this very crucial witness to the stand during the trial. Because, Bailey tells the AP, they feared that a mistrial was going to be declared if they didn't wrap up the trial soon. So, whatever. Hey, it worked out though, he got acquitted! I still can't believe that shit. Haha! That was some good attorneying.

Bailey also says that the trial severely damaged his reputation "Among the rednecks of America." Poor man.

[AP. Photo: AP]