Today at Gawker.TV, Matt LeBlanc returns to TV with Episodes, SNL's ode to poor New Yorkers, Bob's Burgers, unfortunate cell phone timing, and Peter Griffin's mind explodes into Madonna's "Ray of Light" after trying Red Bull for the first time.

Will Episodes Save Matt Le Blanc's Career?
Matt Le Blanc is back and he's playing himself on the new Showtime series Episodes. Is this show, about a British show being adapted for American TV, worth getting excited over?

SNL's "A Taste of New York" Provides Possible New Anthem for New York City
Kristen Wiig, Jim Carrey and Fred Armisen play a "real" New York band with gig at Midtown's Marriott Marquee hotel. The crowd of tourists is understandably uncomfortable by this gang misfits looking for a place to crash.

Peter Griffin Tries Red Bull For the First Time
Sure, he's late to the game on this one, but if Peter Griffin does one thing well it's over-indulgence. Watch inside as his mind channels Madonna's "Ray of Light" and he makes it onto The Price is Right.

A Look at Fox's New Animated Comedy Bob's Burgers
There's a new member of Fox's Sunday night comedy block. Bob's Burgers premiered after The Simpsons last night to mixed reviews. Mainly, it left us wondering how a cast filled with such funny people be so ...unfunny? We investigate.

Ringtone Completely Ruins Tone During Post-Shooting Interview
When standing next to a woman being interviewed for her bravery during yesterday's horrific shooting, it's best not to leave your phone set to jaunty. It's definitely not OK to answer the pho—oh, there he goes! Watch inside.