New York is about to get six to twelve inches of snow tomorrow. Don't worry, New Yorkers, you're going to make it through this. Here's how you should act before the white stuff starts falling.

Don't Freak Out

Take a deep breath. It's going to be alright. I promise. We are adults who live in the modern world and this isn't going to kill you. Sure, you might get stuck in your house for a few days because Mayor Bloomberg can't get the plows working, but you will survive. Snow happens every damn winter, and even though the nightly news wants to make it seem like a very scary and newsworthy thing, it's not. Trust us.

Don't Cancel Anything

Don't cancel anything tonight because it's actually supposed to start snowing tomorrow. We like to pretend like the science of meteorology is more than asking a Magic 8-Ball some questions and making educated guesses. It's not! Just look at the forecast. "Six to 12 inches." That's a lot of leeway. And they can't tell you when it's going to happen, when it's going to start, or when it's going to stop, exactly. New York might even get less. The city could get one inch. Or maybe no snow at all. Remember this summer when we were supposed to get a hurricane and it just sort of rained for an afternoon? Yes, the weatherman can be wrong. So don't reschedule all your meetings, nix your dinner date, or cancel school just because we've been told it's going to snow. Wait to see what happens.

Don't Get Caught Unprepared

That doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare at all. Make arrangements in case the heavy snowfall ends up affecting your life. Take home those files you might need in case you have to work from home the next day. Call your coworker with the SUV and let her know she might need to pick you up if the roads are nasty. Put the babysitter on notice in case you need someone to take care of the kids. Put all your little ducks in a row—just wait before you make your final decisions. All your planning might be unnecessary.

Don't Buy Bread and Toilet Paper

Since you're preparing, you might want to hit the supermarket for some food, but don't buy toilet paper, bread, and milk. This is what everyone does, like they're stocking a bomb shelter or something. Even if you are trapped in your house, you will be stuck there for a couple of days max, and even then you can trudge out if you really need to. So, what should you stock up on? Junk food, coffee, booze, cigarettes (if you smoke), and a few frozen dinners in case you need some actual nourishment. But milk, bread, and toilet paper? Please. It's not the worst thing if you have to wipe your bum with some Kleenex. But if you run out of Ben and Jerry's? That could be a tragedy!

Don't Wear Something Stupid

Since we're getting ready, let's talk about your outfit for tomorrow. You want it to be warm. And water resistant. And you'll need heavy socks and some boots or galoshes. But just cause it's snowy is no excuse to look like a mess. If you end up having to go into work or somewhere outside of the house (other than shoveling the sidewalk) you still have to wear something other than sweatpants (or pajamas). Make sure your long underwear is clean and handy and take your time coming up with a layered look that is both warm and appropriate. Don't get lazy and think, "It's snowing, who cares?" because everyone who sees you will be thinking, "Who is that slob in the snow?"

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