Carmine Agnello, the former mobster whose awful, orange kids starred in the reality show Growing Up Gotti, is in trouble again after he told a park ranger in Ohio that she "should be killed" for asking about his weight.

Agnello was visiting a park in Ohio when he ran a stop sign and nearly crashed into another car. A park ranger pulled him over and Angello asked, presumably with a shticky mobster attitude, "You're Italian and you're going to give me a ticket?" Then the ranger asked Agnello how much he weighed while issuing a ticket and the portly ex-scrap metal king went off, saying "you should be killed" — a charge Agnello denies. And according to the Daily News, Agnello's defense lawyer, Scott Leemon said: "But for the fact of who Carmine was, this would and should be a nonstory." Well, no shit!

Agnello is on probation for racketeering charges in New York, but a judge said this doesn't violate the terms of his probation. He has yet to be charged with this crime:

[Screengrab via NYDN; Orange Gotti kids via Getty]