Movies and their trailers have always been symbiotic. These days, there's a trailer to preview any upcoming film—and if there isn't one, well, good luck at the box office. A new trend, though, is *drumroll* trailers for books!

Here's one such "book trailer" for New York City based writer Rohin Guha's new chapbook, Relief Work. There's a Mario-like boy/man, a robot, some funky music, and more:

So, will book trailers become a new, long-lasting staple of the publishing industry? Are they just some fauxhemian trend out of Brooklyn? What does it all mean?!

If you want to find out, you may do so by asking Guha himself at the book's release party, taking place tomorrow night in Williamsburg, natch (here's the Facebook page for the event). Gawker's own Richard Lawson will be reading, too!