President Obama introduced his new chief of staff, Bill Daley, at a briefing this afternoon, without any major incidents. Phew! Because the last time a president introduced Daley in this setting, Daley collapsed, and Al Gore had to save him.

This is a delightful clip from 1996, when Bill Clinton brought Daley onboard as his new commerce secretary. Daley was just standing there behind Bill Richardson — he was getting a job too! — dreaming of all the commerce he would soon be secretary of, until he suddenly fell and faceplanted. Bill Clinton kind of stared at him for a bit and pretended to help, before telling reporters that Daley was "fine;" not that he had any clue. But reliable old Al Gore was quick to Daley's aid and whisked him out of the room, putting an end to this horribly, horribly embarrassing episode in America's history.

Bill Daley is much older now. What if he freaks out and faints again, like an idiot? Did Obama even vet this guy? Probably not. But the Gawker Political Desk is thoroughly vetting him now: Poring through documents, calling ex-lovers, visiting his old watering holes, you name it.

(Just kidding. We googled him once or twice. He wasn't a big fan of black people back in the '80s, it turns out. But that was years ago, before black people were giving him jobs in the White House.)

[via Ben Smith]