Six tweenage girls from Nevada, the moral wasteland that bore demon Sharron Angle from its sandy loins, were arrested after police discovered a Facebook event they'd created that was dedicated to threatening certain teachers with violence.

From the Nevada Appeal (there's appeal?):

The page came to light Wednesday morning after the invitation went out to 79 students. A parent saw the content, said Rivera.

The six girls arrested allegedly posted threats on the page aimed at specific teachers using wording like, "I'm attacking (teacher's name)," and "Down with (teacher's name)."

According to the Facebook posting, the "attack," which was never defined, was to take place Friday between the hours of 7-9 a.m. at Carson Middle School and Eagle Valley Middle School.

Ladies, let that be your lesson. Never trust fellow students, as they might be little whiny babies whose moms check all their Facebooks or, even worse, who tattle to their about parents about bad things they see on their computers. Also, this kind of thing never ends well.

So, let's talk consequences:

The students were confronted by school deans and ultimately arrested and taken to juvenile detention on suspicion of threats. They were released to their parents Wednesday afternoon.

Rivera said they will receive a date to appear before the juvenile magistrate.

"All of the girls said it was just a joke, ‘We didn't mean anything by it,' and in one aspect you can think these are just kids making a joke. But on the other side, why would you take the time to accept the invitation, and then comment on the wall? Why would you take that much time to create the invitation and send it out to all of your friends?" said Rivera. "It's not appropriate for kids to be doing this."

Carson City School Superintendent Richard Stokes said five of the students each received a three-day suspension, and one student received a five-day suspension.

This is what I find confusing. Every kid, or many kids at least, have complained about disliked teachers and, yes maybe, said "I wanna punch her in the face" or whatever. But on the computer where someone could find it? Why is it that the generation that's had this technology for basically as long as they've been sentient humans are often the worst at using it? You'd think familiarity would breed some sort of savvy or something, but instead there's just this dumb stuff. Confusing. Anyway, here we are, with more venues than ever before for kids to screw up in, as they're inevitably wont to do.

Ah well. I'd like to say "Only in Nevada," but we all know that's not true.

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