What's Bill Murray up to these days? Apparently just dropping into the private karaoke rooms of total strangers and singing obscure Elvis tunes. At least, if these photos are to be believed.

A reader sent them to humor site The Chive, along with the story: Essentially, he (the reader) and some friends were at Karaoke One in New York City when they saw Murray and invited him to join them in their private room. And, well, he did! (Along with his "really cute" Dutch date.) Murray stayed the entire time, bought everyone drinks, and sang Elvis' "Marie's the Name." It looks pretty fun!

The thing is, The Chive is best known for pulling elaborate hoaxes—like those photos of the girl who supposedly quit her job via white board—so you may want to take the Murray story with a grain of salt. But given Murray's reputation for being the kind of guy who, well, does exactly this, it's not exactly out of the question. And, come on, don't you want to believe it? [The Chive]