Today at Gawker.TV, Kevin Spacey channels the ghost of Johnny Carson, an Olympic wrestler debuts on The Biggest Loser, V returns, and The Bachelor's Brad Womack is terribly embarrassed about the amount of airtime ABC gives his naked torso.

How Did Olympic Wrestler Rulon Gardner End Up on NBC's Biggest Loser?
In the year 2000, Rulon Gardner won the Olympic gold as a 286-pound class Greco-Roman wrestler. Over ten years later, he weighs in at 474 pounds and is currently pegged to win a reality weight-loss show. How did this happen?

Kevin Spacey Channels Johnny Carson on Late Night
Here's a bit of Late Night history: Johnny Carson recorded the first 10 years of the Tonight Show in the current Late Night studio. So, Kevin Spacey took over Fallon's seat and did his best impression of the late host.

V: The Good Get Good-er and the Bad Get Badler
As excited as we were about tonight's premiere, even we knew V had a lot to prove after a less than stellar first season. ABC promised a lot of changes to do just that. Let's see how they did!

CBS Forces the HIMYM Cast to Show Their Love for the Show
What a conveniently timed little piece of PR this is: the cast of HIMYM talking about how much they love the show. It's got laughs and earnest talk and you just know CBS forced it in response to Monday's episode.

Brad Womack is "Really, Really Embarrassed" About ABC's Obsession With His Shirtless Body
The American masses aren't the only ones who have noticed the overexposure of Brad Womack's cut body—the Bachelor has, too. When played b-roll of his sweaty workouts, he confessed "I get so embarrassed about that."