"I've always gravitated toward gay people," Mila Kunis tells gay magazine The Advocate. Then she drops the most annoying line in the fag hag canon: "I've often been told I'm a gay man in a woman's body." So, she's transgender?

Mila means well. She's just a little—well—here's how she describes her relationship with her best gay friend, David:

We like to see movies together, and we travel a bit. He likes hipster music—he wears skinny jeans and Converse shoes—so sometimes I'll go sit and suffer while he listens to random bands that I've never heard of. He's also the only person I trust to watch my dogs when I'm out of town. David has a boyfriend, and they want to get married. He and I go to a lot of the gay functions, the AIDS walks, and we protested together when Prop. 8 first passed.

Net value: positive, but can we retire the whole "gay man in a woman's body" thing? Your gay male friends may look as good in skinny jeans as you do, but that's not why they're gay. They're gay because they're men who sleep with men. If a man is in your body, it means he's straight. [Advocate, image via Getty]