Recent laws have limited what fees banks are allowed to charge for certain services. So naturally, banks are dreaming up an entirely new set of fees on other services to make up for it. Below, a quick guide.

The WSJ today details all of the myriad creative new things that banks are considering to extract money from you. (That is, above and beyond the money they make by taking your money and loaning it out to other people.)

  • Annual fees of $25 or more on debit cards.
  • Limits on the number and/ or size of transactions you can make each month with your debit card.
  • The end of debit card reward programs.
  • Raising ATM fees for noncustomers of the bank.
  • The end of free checking accounts.
  • Fees on customers who let their accounts remain inactive, or who make any "paper-based transactions."
  • Fees on those who don't make a sufficiently large direct deposit each month.

Also maybe charge $100 for lollipops? People love lollipops.

[WSJ. Photo: Aranami]