A woman in Winnetka, Illinois received a terrifying cell phone call from her husband yesterday: though garbled, it sounded to her like he was being taken hostage. The SWAT team was called out. Whoops: it was a butt dial.

This situation was made worse by the fact that her husband was a middle school teacher. So his wife assumed that a hostage situation had developed at his school. In fact, he'd just sat on his cell phone' redial button on his way home:

"He was listening to music and he had, I don't know, hip-hop … or music like that, where there were lyrics that were gangster-like," explained Mark Friedman, interim co-superintendent of District 36. "So there were lyrics on the radio as he was driving home, and she listened to it and became concerned."

His wife called 911. Thirty(!) SWAT team members, with machine guns, descended on the middle school at 5 p.m., and spent three hours searching it for the mysterious gunman. "At one point three news media choppers hovered overhead."

The search was called off when the man was found safe at home. He's reportedly embarrassed. Remember, teachers: butt dialing and gangster rap don't mix.

[Chicago Tribune via Pat's Papers; photo via Shutterstock]