Nicki busts a move and her dress. John Travolta goes on a boys-only ski vacation. Michael Phelps and Pauly D share a girlfriend. Gwyneth discusses feeling "like a zombie." Tuesday gossip wishes it were a nip slip.

  • She of the pink wig and foul mouth, Nicki Minaj, partied so hard, she split a "skintight leather dress" open. She ended up ringing in the New Year six minutes late, "holding her dress together with one hand, with a glass of [redacted champagne] in the other." (I am constitutionally incapable of repeating PR-planted product placements.) Then someone sewed her back into her dress, and she retired to a cuddle puddle with fellow rapper Drake. He Twitter-wooed Nicki last August, and has finally won the right to canoodle his beloved in public. [P6, TMZ, L&S, image via Getty]
  • Kelly Preston is "heartsick. While she's at home caring for their newborn, John [Travolta] flew off to the ski slopes to party with his pals!" Why do anonymous sources always put exclamation points at the ends of totally unsurprising sentences? Anyway, Travolta's boys-only chalet slumber party was the wintery analog to Barry Diller's boys-only yacht bash, but with a weepier beard. Diane von Furstenberg scoffs at your feelings of abandonment, Kelly. [Enquirer]

Gwyneth Paltrow "felt like a zombie" during postpartum depression. It is taking every ounce of my willpower not to make a zombie Gwyneth joke right now. Unlike the image of a gray-faced Gwyneth slurping macrobiotic brains through a bendy straw, depression is not a laughing matter. [GossHousekeeping, People]

  • Flame-haired exemplar of America's cycle of institutionalized criminality Lindsay Lohan is maybe-out of rehab, but again in legal peril: Though law-breaking, document-selling Betty Ford Clinic employee Dawn Holland doesn't want press assault charges against LiLo, the alleged assault took place in Riverside County, not L.A. County, so regardless of what LiLo's probation officer and judge think, Riverside's D.A. can still press charges. (And wants to, if you believe TMZ.) If that happens, it would be a probation violation. [TMZ]
  • Meanwhile, LiLo's new beach house (which her dad helped her move into yesterday) is "SICK." [TMZ]
  • Behold, the most eccentric taste in men ever to strike womankind: "Brittny Gastineau has gone from Olympic glory to 'Gym, tan, laundry'—she's moved on from Michael Phelps to Jersey Shore star Pauly D." [P6]
  • After a two-week manhunt, rapper Waka Flocka has turned himself into the authorities and faces six charges for gang activity, illegal firearm possession, and drug possession. These are very serious charges, destined to be overshadowed by the silliness of his name. [TMZ]

Ooh, pictures from Shania Twain's spouse-swap wedding. Both Bride and groom wore white with black accents, on a scenic beach in Puerto Rico. Husband #1 can be seen in the distance, shitting in the ocean. [Us]

  • Tone-Loc's DUI defense: He was not drunk, but had a seizure while driving. His manager claims the LAPD "realized" the man they jailed was not in the midst of delirium tremens, but seizures, and let him go after 12 hours in the lock-up, but it sounds like charges haven't been dismissed yet, so, hmmm. [TMZ]
  • Vivica Fox is engaged to her Atlanta club promoter boyfriend. The rock is 8 karats. Mazel tov! [P6]