What were our most popular stories in 2010? How many people visited Gawker from India last year? Did 115,000 people really type "Anderson Cooper boyfriend" into Google and end up here? (Yes.) The Gawker 2010 number-crunching is complete.

These are the 30 most popular posts we published in 2010, ranked by unique visitors:

Steve Jobs Offers World 'Freedom From Porn'
By Ryan Tate
Unique visitors: 708,906 | Pageviews: 1,060,503

Apple's Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed
By Ryan Tate
Unique visitors: 621,280 | Pageviews: 973,326

4chan on the Hunt for Puppy-Throwing Girl
By Max Read
Unique visitors: 594,852 | Pageviews: 879,003

I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell
By Anonymous
Unique visitors: 559,749 | Pageviews: 1,286,615

How to Make Justin Bieber Sound Incredible: Slow Him Down 800 Percent
By Max Read
Unique visitors: 463,555 | Pageviews: 853,097

How the Internet Beat Up an 11-Year-Old Girl
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 430,831 | Pageviews: 801,943

Steve Jobs In Email Pissing Match with College Journalism Student
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 265,773 | Pageviews: 490,834

11-Year-Old Viral Video Star Placed Under Police Protection After Death Threats
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 233,358 | Pageviews: 499,170

The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta
By Brian Moylan
Unique visitors: 215,267 | Pageviews: 455,771

The First Thing You Should Do With Facebook Places: Don't Let Other People Tag You
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 189,955 | Pageviews: 380,796

GCreep: Google Engineer Stalked Teens, Spied on Chats
By Adrian Chen
Pageviews: 319,679 | Unique visitors: 188,476

Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden Had a Super Soaker Fight Yesterday
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 180,582 | Pageviews: 242,088

Peaches Geldof's Heroin-Fueled One-Night Stand at Hollywood's Scientology Center-With Pictures
By Maureen O'Connor
Pageviews: 410,970 | Unique visitors: 174,643

Was Barack Obama In the 1993 Music Video For 'Whoomp (There It Is)'?
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 170,831 | Pageviews: 360,689

How a College Kid Livestreamed His Roommate's Gay Sexual Encounter, Possibly Causing a Suicide
By Maureen O'Connor
Unique visitors: 166,133 | Pageviews: 325,924

Obama Flip-Flops: Does He Know Who Snooki Is, Or Not?
By Maureen O'Connor
Unique visitors: 164,389 | Pageviews: 267,395

Stupid California Police Warn Parents of Pedobear, the 'Pedophile Mascot'
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 156,061 | Pageviews: 256,278

You Can Live in Barack Obama's Old New York Apartment for $1900/Month
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 155,810 | Pageviews: 208,021

Postal Worker Secretly Films Customer's Racist Rant
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 146,179 | Pageviews: 371,115

Mark Zuckerberg's Age of Privacy Is Over
By Ryan Tate
Unique visitors: 144,155 | Pageviews: 315,428

World's Worst Person Tries to Extort 19-Year-Old Girl
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 133,933 | Pageviews: 292,353

What Your Facebook Profile Photo Says About You
By Brian Moylan
Unique visitors: 131,952 | Pageviews: 267,393

Two-Pack-a-Day Smoking Baby Totally Cooler Than You
By Richard Lawson
Unique visitors: 125,951 | Pageviews: 206,421

The iPad Tweet That Enraged Steve Jobs?
By Ryan Tate
Unique visitors: 125,946 | Pageviews: 202,026

FBI's Kennedy Sex Party Memo: Did JFK, Teddy, and Marilyn Monroe Have an Orgy?
By Maureen O'Connor
Unique visitors: 124,501 | Pageviews: 161,246

The (Potential) Intern From Hell
By Hamilton Nolan
Unique visitors: 117,526 | Pageviews: 254,780

The Quitting Tale That Suckered the Whole Internet
By Ryan Tate
Unique visitors: 110,713 | Pageviews: 210,043

Worst Bridesmaid Prank Ever Leaves Bride Paraplegic and Unmarried
By Maureen O'Connor
Unique visitors: 108,975 | Pageviews: 266,255

The Creepy, Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange
By Adrian Chen
Unique visitors: 104,166 | Pageviews: 229,335

The Playboy Spread of Jodie Fisher, the Woman Who Took Down HP's CEO
By Max Read
Unique visitors: 100,366 | Pageviews: 225,670

Here's where our readers in 2010 came from, by country and state.

These are the most popular (and slightly horrifying) keywords that people typed into search engines in 2010 to get to Gawker:

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