Rep. Darrell Issa, a glib car thief who now has subpoena power to investigate the executive branch, has announced his first Obama administration corruption hearings! Among them: investigating the "impact of government hyperregulation on job creation." What the hell?

Issa, who will chair the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee when Congress reconvenes, can barely wait to lead constant politically charged "oversight" investigations into the Obama administration. Issa laid out his early plans in November: "I want seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks." And yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, he dubbed the Obama administration "one of the most corrupt." When asked what he meant, he mumbled some shit.

But today we're finally learning what sort of specific illegal acts he's referring to. He announced them on the blue Internet application Twitter today. And yes, that's his actual avatar, of the idiot stick-figure cop (him) protecting America's Capitol from bribery, embezzlement, and Soviet communism.

Minutes later he tweeted his next item, "failure of financial crisis inquiry commission to target origins of financial crisis." You can figure out what's going on here. Certain Republican members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission didn't sign off on (the essentially useless anyway) group's findings because it dared blame on the financial services sector for the financial services sector's complete collapse several years ago. They released their own 13-page, junior-high version of the crisis, which blames the entire crisis on quasi-governmental agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their allies in Congress for forcing lenders to give houses to terrible minorities. (This has been debunked ten million times.) They literally refused to use the words "Wall Street" and "deregulation" in any official account of the crisis.

So according to these two tweets from the Stick-Figure Kapitol Kop Darrell Issa, his goal at the start of the new Congress will be to shift official blame of the housing bubble and financial crisis back to evil government regulations, and then focus on how this same "government hyperregulation" is also the cause of all current joblessness. It seems like a broad agenda to put together under the mandate of "investigating corruption," but sure, go nuts.

[Image of Darrell Issa via AP]