Repatriated Russian spy Anna Chapman has two hobbies: advocating for Vladimir Putin, and advocating for love. She recently joined a pro-Putin youth group and filmed a sexy Soviet spy parody that doubles as a PSA for falling in love.

Chapman parodied a romantic scene from an old Soviet TV series about sexy spies during a New Year's Eve broadcast. Her message: "If you have love hidden deep your heart you will never succeed in concealing it. It is best to come out with it. And New Year's night is the best time for this." (More translation here.) How that, however, is connected to this?

Last month she joined a pro-Putin youth organisation and some observers believe she is preparing to stand for the Russian parliament in elections at the end of this year.

In a lengthy chat show appearance on December 30, she met acquaintances from her youth and was even presented with a pet lion as a gift.

Yeah, no clue. She'd be a good foil for Sarah Palin, though. [AFP via Runnin Scared]