2010 was a great year for Lady Gaga, and a great year for magazines that put her on the cover, with L.G. issues selling higher than usual. But which celebs can't move a mag to save their lives?

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (who keeps track of such things) and our friends over at WWD's Memo Pad (who tabulate such things) Lady Gaga graced the front of the highest-selling issues of Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan, the second-highest seller of Vanity Fair, and the third best issue of Elle at newsstands between January and October of last year. That's a pretty sold track record. Rihanna was also a good bet, catapulting both GQ and Seventeen to higher than average results.

The real loser in the newsstand game was Taylor Swift. She had the lowest-selling issue of Elle, the second lowest-selling issue of Glamour, and the third lowest-selling issue of Marie Claire. Does this mean that we can start forgetting about Taylor Swift already?

Still there were stars that had mixed results and had some well-received covers and some bombs. Those include Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Lauren Conrad, and Anne Hathaway. Well, why don't they try putting some of those ladies in a meat dress or a machine gun bra and see how well their magazines do?