Placentas are nothing to be ashamed of. Four college nursing students demonstrated this, by posting photos of themselves on Facebook, posing with a human placenta. Their school kicked them out?! Say hello to a lawsuit, Johnson County (Kansas) Community College!

This lawsuit could well become a test case for academic freedom and the right of all students to post placenta photos on Facebook. Reportedly, a teacher took the nursing students to a medical center for some hands-on (ha) learning. The students were so enthralled with the placenta they met that, naturally, they requested permission to photograph themselves with said human placenta and place those photos on the Facebook. That's where the facts grow murky. According to the students' lawsuit, via Inside Higher Ed, their teacher, Amber Delphia, was A-OK with all of this:

"Oh, you girls" has long been understood to mean "I consent," in a legal sense. Or at least that 's our understanding. (We're not technically lawyers). The student suing, Doyle Burns, took her picture (pictured) down within hours, but she and three others were kicked out of school anyhow. Hence, the lawsuit.

It doesn't seem like the placenta would have minded.

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo: FB/ KC Star]