A radio station in Hungary is under investigation by the National Media and Communications Authority for playing the 1993 Ice-T song "Warning (It's On)," because the lyrics "could influence the development of minors in a negative way."

Yesterday, Hungary assumed the European Union presidency — a post it will hold for the next six months. At the same time, it created the National Media and Communications Authority with the goal of ostensibly cleaning up the airwaves for young ears. The authority said "Warning" could have legally been played only after 9pm. Tilos Radio said the NMCA was investigating them for playing "Warning" at 5:30 pm in September.

The intro to Ice-T's 1993 album "Home Invasion" is what apparently set the NMCA off:

At this moment you are now listening to an Ice-T LP
If you are offended by words like
Shit, bitch, fuck, dick, ass, hole, cunt,
Dirty bitch, low motherfucker, nigga, hooker, slut, tramp,
Dirty low slut tramp bitch hole, nigga fuck shit,
Take the tape out now!
This is not a pop album
And by the way
Suck my motherfuckin' dick"

The NMCA's first day of existence has already pissed off the rest of Europe, and it's new 'only play songs with dirty lyrics after 9pm' law "endangers editorial independence and media pluralism," according to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The new law states that anyone caught violating "public interest, public morals or order" could be fined up to $955,000. Britain's Foreign Office issued a statement on December 23, expressing concern over Hungary's new media authority:

Freedom of the press is at the heart of a free society. We hope that the Hungarian Government will soon resolve this issue satisfactorily and that it will not impact adversely on the successful delivery of the Hungarian EU Presidency.

The only clear winner here is Ice-T, whose album intro from almost 18 years ago is back in the spotlight. Where's Tipper Gore on this?

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