North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency issued a New Year editorial today that called for better relations with South Korea, while threatening a "nuclear holocaust" if the South tries to pull any shenanigans along the border.

The editorial was carried by several newspapers, and, after threatening to nuke Seoul, claimed that North Korea is "consistent in its stand and will to achieve peace in Northeast Asia and the denuclearization of the whole of the Korean Peninsula." It added that "prompt, merciless and annihilatory action" would be taken against the South if war were to break out between the two countries. That's somewhat softer language than when the North threatened to turn Seoul into a "sea of flame." Well, not really, but at least they're making an effort!

In other North Korea news, state-run television aired the movie Bend It Like Beckham, making it the first ever Western movie to be played there. So that's sort of good, at least.

[Image via AP]